About our caring Staff

Little White House recognizes that a characteristic of a good child care worker is having a genuine and natural affection for children and being empathetic to their needs. Our staff is comfortable relating to children, enjoys time spent with them, and feels motivated to help them. A positive, friendly attitude and patience when around children is a most important quality. Being able to communicate in a clear and positive manner is an essential trait of our child care workers. Greeting the parents and children with a smile and “hello” when they arrive and offering feedback on the day when parents pick up are common practices. If a child should ever require emergency health care, it’s nice to know that his child care worker can handle any crises that arise. For this reason our teachers are certified with CPR, first aid, administrating medications and epi-pen injections. Continuing education workshops that focus on various child related topics are required for all teachers.

A Quick Introduction

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